The envelope, please…

Generosity is a desirable quality. We want to help one another become generous people. Since stories inspire us, this is a place to share our stories. Add your story of generosity and bookmark this site so you can read how others are becoming generous people!

On Sunday, Feb 26, 2017, we distributed envelopes to several hundred people at Seneca Creek Community Church. The goal was to use those envelopes as a kickstarter for personal generosity.

Here’s how it works.

  • Put whatever you would like in the envelope. (there’s no minimum or maximum)
  • Pray for an opportunity to be generous, then be alert to what God brings into your life.
  • Present the envelope to someone who could use it.
  • Post your story online to encourage others to be generous.

Ultimately our generosity flows from God’s grace to us. If we’ve been blessed by God’s gift of life thru Jesus Christ, then we can let that generosity flow through us in tangible forms to the world around us.

Use the space below to tell your own story of how you practiced generosity with your envelope.